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Piling activities

To make things easier for you, we can handle the entire pile-driving activities. We have been working with a fixed group of piling companies for years for this purpose.


A number of options on the standard piling include:

  • Pre-drilling the piles (e.g. at vibration sensitive locations)

  • Pile-driving the piles up to a specific height using laser equipment. We can provide this equipment (if necessary)/ laser positioning is provided by the contractor.

  • Deepened pile-driving using a steel upright extension.

  • Calendering the piles, including reporting.

  • Performing vibration measurements during the piling.

  • Vibration and noise reducing measures.

  • The (hydraulic) trimming of the piles (including debris removal).


If there is something missing in this list that is important to your pile, please feel free to contact us to discuss it. Perhaps we can be of service.


For the execution of the pile-driving and the determination of the price, it is important that we are in possession of the probes and the foundation advice.