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Pit Beton Piles Factory was founded in 1965 and originated from the parent company Pit Beton Middelburg, manufacturer of slope blocks and various concrete products, and supplier of concrete. In the first five years of its existence, the largest orders were immediately recorded: 2,000 piles for DOW Chemical Terneuzen and 1000 piles 550*550mm for the Borssele nuclear power plant.

The production, turnover and profitability of reinforced concrete piles gradually increased until 1983. In 1984, the piles factory was sold to de Hoop from Terneuzen. Due to a slump in construction, competition became fiercer, production fell, and the production of precast elements was started.

In 1989, we started with the production of prestressed concrete piles. Thanks to strong demands and low production costs, the production and the turnover experienced an upward trend. Quality improvement through the KOMO product certificate (since the early 90s) was key to this.