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Piles (specials)

We do not only deliver standard prestressed piles, but we can also provide additional facilities if the project requires. For example:

  • extra mild steel reinforcement: steel quality FeB500, ribbed, diameter Ø12 - Ø16 - Ø20 - Ø25

  • earthing rod: steel quality FeB220, smooth, diameter Ø12 - Ø16

  • measuring wire

  • spiral reinforcement over the entire pile length (diameter Ø4 for #180 to #290mm and diameter Ø5 for piles from # 320mm)

Standard piles are supplied with a concrete quality of C45/55 and environmental class XC4. We can be flexible by delivering a higher quality concrete (C53/65) or using a sulphate resisting cement.

There are many possibilities, so you should contact us if you have any questions so we can advise you further.