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  • As pressure pile - universal application.

  • If tension pile: equipping pile head with extra soft steel reinforcement. In case of large pulling forces, the pile head is equipped with internal or external ridges, for example in combination with additional pre-stressing strands or mild steel reinforcement over the entire length of the pile; often in combination with underwater concrete or vibro-combination pile.

  • If a horizontally loaded pile: pile equipped with moment or shear reinforcement; moment reduction can also be effected by using batter piles 1: 3.


Concrete Mixture

  • Concrete strength class C45/55 (poss. with max. 20% concrete granulate).
  • Concrete strength class C53/65

Prestressing steel

  • Strands Ø75  (Y1860S3) or Ø93  (Y1860S7)

Spiral reinforcement

  • in accordance with BRL, diameter Ø4 or Ø5 (B500A)

Cap reinforcement

To be installed for each 4 rods, so 4 - 8 - 12 - 16 or more rods. All constructions are possible.

Standard lengths: 2000 - 2400 - 3000 - 3500 - 4000mm, even greater lengths can be used.

Diameter: Ø12 - Ø14 - Ø16 - Ø20 - Ø25mm (B500B).

The maximum number of rods and the maximum rod thickness will depend on the shank size of the pile in which they are applied.

A combination of different diameters and lengths is also possible.


Grounding rod

Ø12 or Ø16mm (B235C), smooth steel over the whole pile length.


Measuring wire

VD-wire 0.5 mm2  or equivalent over the entire pile length.


Spray lance

Lance Ø40mm in the centre of the pile, vents in foot and surface to be equipped with welding socks 1¾". 


Ridge forms

In consultation with the client, both external and internal ridges (see figure top right).